System cabins for the passage of one person

System cabins for the passage of one person

In technologically and security complex structures, such as banks, post offices, facilities for defense, different system areas, cash safes, etc. we are faced with the requirement to limit access to only authorized personnel. The classic access control with an electronic lock on the front door is not sufficient because it does not provide transition for only authenticated personnel through the open door. Therefore, for such strict conditions, additional measures need to be taken which allow passage only to authenticated personnel. For this purpose there are prefabricated cabins that limit passage, but they have technical shortcomings with transporting equipment. As a result of our own development, a system limiting the passage of personnel has been created. It combines traditional access control, control of two serial ports and restricting passage to one person.

Cabin for the passage of one person NTR KOP 1.1E is a ready-made technical system, that offers and ensures optimal protection of access to only authorized personnel. At the same time it does not present an obstacle in cases of maintenance, transport of equipment and similar interventions in the system. Cabin is designed and manufactured for each building individually in accordance with building gabarites. It enables the creation of highly secure technology zones, where there is equipment or other valuable items that need to be secured. By high level of security and strict limitation of passage for only authorized personnel, provided by the cabin, we can ensure comprehensive protection against unauthorized access to rooms, equipment or items. Typically the cabin is used in restricting: 

  • access to the security zone in the premises of specific character (defense sector ...),
  • access to areas of handling and storage of classified and confidential information and documents,
  • access to bank offices,
  • access to vaults and other rooms where valuables are kept,
  • access to computer systems facilities,
  • access to the locations of various control centers,
  • access to other areas that require strict access control due to the value or secrecy of the installed equipment.

The cabin for limiting transition is essentially composed of the following systems:

  • Duplicate single-leaf doors, both equipped with an electronic lock and EM lock opening. Both gates are interconnected with the "interlock" functionality. Doors can have built-in security features such as fire resistance, mechanical protection …
  • System for access control, with several authentication systems - terminals.
  • Weighing system and limiting abutment surface of persons crossing.
  • Cabin control system.
  • The surrounding walls, which can be made with the desired degree of resistance.

The basic concept of the booth limiting the transition, is a system of double doors with prevention of simultaneously opening both doors (interlock mechanism). To ensure the transition of authorized personnel only, one at a time, this system is upgraded with advanced two zone system of weighing and limiting the size of the person passing in the cabin.

Technical information

NTR KOP 1.1E is a technological system that offers effective limitation of access to areas or equipment. It provides proven protection and integrates the following technical features:

  • implementation of  »custom built booth« for existing buildings or new construction,
  • connection to the existing systems for central management of access control,
  • restricting passage to one authenticated person at a time,
  • recording all crossings in both directions,
  • entrance to the room and cabin by entering two or three of the following: 
    • contactless card or flash drive
    • PIN number
    • fingerprint
    • body weight
    • other biometric data
  • exiting the cabin without additional authentication,
  • exiting a room with only one data, either a PIN-code or contactless card,
  • the possibility of transferring large pieces of equipment following two different methods: 
    • functioning »interlock« mechanism method 
    • method of simultaneous opening of both doors
  • the possibility of moving more people at a time, depending on the powers of the escort,
  • in the event of a power failure, exiting the cabin or room is undisturbed,
  • an installed »PANIC« button that connects directly to a control center,
  • the possibility of installing emergency keys in protected housing with reporting access to the control center,
  • the possibility of providing additional protection for the cabin and the surrounding walls according to the requirements of the clients:
    • fire-resistance and insulation
    • water- tightness
    • protection against the ingress of smoke or gases
    • protection against burglary and vandalism
  • installed two-zone scales for weighing people that come through, and the limitation of their walking surface,
  • levelled passage through the cabin, without any level crossings through the door or scales,
  • implementing the cabins in any desired height of the raised floor,
  • an independent supporting structure for simple installation, that is independent from the surrounding area.