Expertise & experience
The core of the company is represented by employees with a lot of experience in designing and installing the most demanding data centers.
highly secure data center
When safety and reliability come first, the NTR SDC™ is a solution that satisfies even the most demanding.
The modular data center
At NTR we developed a modular data center NTR MDC ™ that fully covers individual and often unique requirements of our customers.
Containerized data centre
The modular Container data center NTR CDC™ is a complete data center in a modular design. It allows quick and efficient establishment of the most modern data center for customers. The construction of a new data center does not depend on pre-established utility infrastructures.
NTR™ other solutions
Recognising the needs of customers, NTR has developed:
  • Energy-efficient technical cooling systems, 
  • System cabins for the passage of one person NTR KOP™
  • Cold Aisle Containment system 
    NTR CAC™
  • Highly available power supply systems
  • Infrastructure Supervision and management NTR DCIM ™
Ensuring continuous readiness and adequate sources, with which we guarantee a rapid response and preventive maintenance, is often necessary but difficult to provide. Dedicated personnel are expensive and simultaneously have a difficulty finding enough challenges in the same company.
Primož Hedl
No system works without suitable intervention from the providers, who prove themselves or fail right at critical moments. Therefore appropriate processes and guidelines are necessary, but in companies the needed knowledge and time are usually insufficient.
Boštjan Lavuger
The contractor must understand the needs of IT and the expert language of individual arrangements (air-conditioning specialists, electricians, builders, etc.). Only this way can the project be effectively implemented within the given time and with the intended resources.
Primož Mahorič

Why NTR?

to excellence

Honesty, integrity and commitment to excellence result in technological superiority.



We are building customer satisfaction by employee satisfaction.

Combining knowledge

We combine specific technical knowledge, that is available to customers at the establishment and maintenance of reliable and efficient technological systems.

Constantly on
the lookout

We are constantly looking for new solutions, knowledge and technology to provide stable and advanced technical solutions for clients.

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