Companies that entrust their projects to various providers are doing themselves a disservice. Inconsistencies and an atomistic approach cause discrepancy and complexity of IT environments and solutions. Only a teamwork of professionals who know the specifics of individual areas, from installation and cooling to remote supervision, can lead to consistent and high-quality IT solutions.


The requirements of IT to the utility infrastructure are specific and differ from similar requests of other users. The computer centers design requires a comprehensive approach to the construction of mechanical, electrical and communications systems as well as technical cooling systems. A project, that in the addition to the above fundamentally does not include security and fire safety elements, cannot provide quality operation of the data center and consequently the services, which it provides.


The information system, along with the data center and utility infrastructure, is a living organism that needs well-defined processes, operational procedures and instructions. CIOs are often too busy to prepare these guidelines.

Companies today are more than ever dependent on information technologies and find it increasingly difficult to afford outages. Outages often lead to problems, which the IT specialists in the company are not ready for and do not know enough about, as they would require a very specific set of skills in order to be able to anticipate these situations.

Maintenance and management

For any informational system to work properly, regular maintenance and management are necessary. This should be carried out qualitatively and efficiently and, in the event of critical incidents, by properly trained professionals, who are always available to solve the problem and ensure smooth functioning of the information system.

IT is becoming more extensive and requires more in-depth knowledge from IT specialists, and at the same time they should also be familiar with a variety of different technologies and tools. This is simply too much for a single person and requires a well-trained team, something which is usually too expensive for companies. If we add to this the requirement for permanent standby, it becomes clear why maintenance and management of IT infrastructures are one of those areas where it is increasingly questionable if it is better to hire outside services rather than to have your own team in the house.

The company NTR Engineering has a team of experts that can assure effective management and maintenance, while also guaranteeing a short response time in case of system outages.