Supervising and managing the infrastructure


When monitoring infrastructure we are faced with the specific problematics of various control systems. Most organizations already have an implemented central control system, while it is not entirely clear what role it plays or what it provides.

The control system is virtually always based on a distributed data acquisition system, where data from individual technological assemblies is captured on distributed pickup systems. They capture digital and analogue signals, allowing us to control analogue and digital actuators via digital and analogue outputs and collect and manage operation of the devices via bus communication. Individual control units are connected in a single network via a communication network that transmits to other systems. The system also provides a synoptic panel, which facilitates the local transmission to other systems.

At NTR we have developed a solution for the most demanding users and systems, called Data Center Infrastructure Management Software NTR™ DCIM, which fully covers the control of the entire infrastructure in complex data centres.