Containerized data centre NTR™ CDC
NTR™ CDC 40f+

Containerized data centre NTR™ CDC

We have developed three versions of container data centers with standard dimensions of 20', 30' and 40', which allow for a lot of flexibility in the actual installation. 


The container data center NTR ™ CDC40 is a completely self-sufficient data center, which is containerized and is consequently completely mobile. This allows it to combine a comprehensive data center, with all the necessary supportive, supply and security infrastructure in a mobile unit. Mobile units are easy to install and do not require large-scale construction preparation of the location of the installation, as well as easy to transfer to new locations. In case of a relocation, the necessary relocation equipment is installed in the center. Relocation can be carried out with all the equipment already installed. It is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized enterprises that need up to 420 HE prefabricated units for ICT equipment and systems.

The container data center ensures all the necessary utility infrastructures, along with:

  • reliable backup and uninterrupted power supply system,
  • reliable technical cooling systems,
  • active and passive fire protection,
  • technical protection and video surveillance,
  • communication arrangement in the center,
  • installation infrastructure for the installation and assembly of the ICT equipment,
  • remote control of all the built-in components of the center.

NTR™ CDC 40f+

The outside dimensions are 12.2 x 3.0 x 3.1 m (D x Š x V). The weight of an empty NTR CDC is ca. 10,000 kg, while the permissible load is about 9,000 kg.

Specifications The estimated framework weight
Empty CDC ca. 10,000 kg, Depending on the selected AKU batteries
Maximum number of system and networking cabinets up to 10
The maximum permissible load on an individual system or networking cabinet up to 1,200 kg
Available space for the installation of ICT equipment up to 420 HE
The maximum total weight of ICT equipment up to 12,000 kg
The maximum total weight of an equipped CDC up to 22,000 kg


The container data center NTR CDC 40f+ is designed as a self-sufficient data center with a built-in utility infrastructure. Technically, it is designed as a container unit of standard length, with slightly larger width and height, which enables easy transport to various locations. Due to the high level of integration and optimization of space it allows the same functionality as significantly larger computer centers. The ground plan of the CDC 40f+ is shown in the following picture:

NTR CDC 40f+